Your Career Forecast: May / June 2017

Ellen Fondiler | Career Forecast: April / May 2017

I work as a career and business strategist. But my secret passion is… astrology!

About once a month,  I post an overview of what’s happening in the cosmos and how it might influence your career. It’s called: Your Career Forecast.

Whether you’re job-hunting, running your own business, or wondering about the ideal time to ask for a raise or take a vacation, each Career Forecast will reveal the important dates and cosmic shifts that you need to know about.

I am joined by my dear friend, Heidi Rose Robbins, a master astrologer who will provide expert insight into what’s going on in the stars.

Let’s dive in!


What’s going on this month…

HEIDI: The Sun moves into Gemini on May 20th, 2017. Gemini infuses the month with movement and activity. If this last month in Taurus had a slower or quieter pace, in Gemini we are on the go. We network, connect, and converse. We meet one another and create relationships. We get even better at listening to our own inner voice so we can make better life decisions. Mercury is one of the planets most associated with Gemini and Mercury is quick, sharp and clever—here, there and everywhere. Mercury builds bridges between people and ideas.

Early June brings a great deal of activity. On June 2nd, Venus will sit in the same area of the heavens as Uranus. This is stimulating to the creative life. It brings the unexpected in love and creativity, excites new possibility and artistry. Be open to improvisation and reinvention. Be open to creating a new pattern in your life.

Two days later, June 4th, the planet Mars moves into Cancer. Mars is the warrior. When in the energy of Cancer, Mars is the warrior who can produce and protect. Even though we are in the very active time of Gemini, when Mars moves into Cancer, there can often be a gestating time. Something can be quietly growing or needing extra care and nourishment. If you work at home, you might get a surge of energy and aspiration because Cancer rules the area of home and hearth and Mars brings vitality.

One day later, June 5th, Venus moves into a new sign as well—the sign of Taurus. Venus loves to work though Taurus. Both the planet and sign are deeply interested in manifesting beauty and producing value. This is a good financial combination. It tends to attract what it needs. We can use these energies to hold our next step in the light of intuition so we move forward with clarity and the power to attract.

The very next day, June 6th, Mercury moves into Gemini. This will amplify the Gemini energy already at work. The two weeks following this shift will be incredibly busy and stimulating. You won’t find a better time to network or create relationship. You can use this energy both professionally and personally. And sometimes, the friendship created out of curiosity and joy will evolve into a relationship that will serve your work in the world as well.

When you think about Gemini, think energy, curiosity, delight and movement. Think writing, speaking, and connecting. Carry a spirit of goodwill toward all you meet. In Gemini, we can ultimately build a tapestry of love, light, and connection just by offering the best of ourselves to everyone we meet.

So what does all of this mean for your career? Let’s look closer…


Here’s what you need to know:

ELLEN: On June 2nd, Venus aligns with Uranus, which means… get ready for the unexpected! On this date, and for about a week after this date, it’s an especially great time to disrupt patterns, try new things, and think creatively. If your job hunt has been feeling “stalled” or “stuck,” it’s time to mix it up! Improvise and try something out of the ordinary.

For example, if you’ve applied for 30 jobs on a big website like, but you haven’t gotten any responses, this would be a good time to change up your strategy. Instead of sitting by your computer applying for positions online, get out of the house—and out of the box.

Head to a co-working space, attend a free seminar, throw a dinner party and invite a few people you don’t know very well, or sign up for a couple hours of volunteer work. Chat with your next-door neighbor. Chat with your Uber driver. Chat with the woman standing in front of you at the grocery store. Ask people about their careers and ask questions like, “Where do you work?” “Do you like the company?” “What’s the best part about working there?” “Do you happen to know if they’re hiring right now?”

The simple act of “chatting with people” can spark new relationships and unlock all kinds of surprising information and opportunities. You never know where these kinds of conversations might lead. Your yoga teacher’s sister might be the HR director at your dream company. Your neighbor might be a former Twitter employee with great tips on how to apply for a job there. You may already know a whole bunch of people who can help you find your next job. You never know until… you start chatting!


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: On June 4th, the planet Mars moves into Cancer. On this day, and for a few days afterward, you might feel an urge to cocoon yourself, rest, and treat yourself to some extra TLC. Don’t fight that urge… embrace it!

With the Mars-Cancer combination, we’ve got an interesting blend of “warrior energy” from Mars plus “emotional sensitivity” from Cancer. This gives us a chance to pause, breathe, and ask, “What do I need to change in order to feel emotionally/mentally healthy? How can I take better care of myself? How can I protect myself from negativity and excessive stress? How can I nourish myself and avoid burning out?”

If you’re already employed, this would be a nice week to take a day or two off work. Give yourself a “mental health” day. Sleep in. Recharge. Don’t even peek at your work-related email. Don’t peek at the latest Trump news, either. Give yourself a chance to exhale and find your center again. You’ll feel amazingly refreshed.

If you can’t take time off work, then make sure to dial up the self-care. Treat yourself to a nourishing lunch and give yourself a real lunch break—with no laptop or phone—rather than munching at your desk while you work. Take a mid-afternoon walk to stretch your legs. Clock out at 5pm sharp instead of pushing yourself into overtime-mode. Tip: book a pedicure or massage for 6pm to motivate yourself to leave work on time!

During this cocoon-time, you might notice some new ideas gestating inside your mind. Maybe a new project you’d love to work on, or a new system that could be implemented at work. Jot your ideas down as they tumble into your brain. When we allow ourselves to slow down and recharge, that’s when our brightest “lightning bolt ideas” tend to strike!


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: Trying to find more clients and customers, or some other type of opportunity—like a new sponsor for your podcast, a book deal, or a paid speaking engagement? Great news: June 6th – 20th is prime time for networking in a lively, joyful way! Expect a busy, stimulating couple of weeks. With Mercury moving Gemini, this two-week period is all about communicating, connecting, socializing, and expressing yourself.

This is a great time to… Email former customers and see how they’re doing. Email potential clients to pitch a fun new package that you just whipped together. Invite a few colleagues out for brunch. Host a wine tasting at your studio. Throw a spontaneous webinar for your mailing list subscribers. Mercury is all about communicating your beliefs and ideas, so… write, podcast, teach, and speak up! Your efforts will be doubly rewarded during this time.

One word of caution: Gemini is a lively, chatty sign, and your communication powers will be super-heightened with Mercury in the mix, too. However, Gemini can also create an indecisive, wishy-washy feeling. “Too many amazing options. Ugh, I can’t choose!”… that’s the eternal Gemini dilemma! So as you’re networking, scheduling events, and RSVP-ing for parties, be realistic about your availability, and try not to overbook yourself. Also, don’t flake out once you’ve made a commitment. (Canceling a brunch date with a business colleague 45 minutes before it’s supposed to happen? Not great.) Be decisive and follow-through on your promises so that you strengthen your relationships instead of weakening them.

Overall, this is GREAT month for…

— Curiosity, delight, feeling energized, and all kinds of movement—creative movement and physical movement, too.

— Communicating with joy, writing, speaking, teaching, and connecting… and lots of interesting chats! Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on your next flight. Compliment a stranger’s unique t-shirt. Ask someone about their new TV show obsession. You never know where these kinds of conversations might lead!

— Random acts of kindness. Carry a spirit of goodwill toward all you meet and spread light and love. Be “the life of the party,” even if “the party” is just you chatting quietly with one colleague over coffee.


May 20th – Sun moves into Gemini. (We’re entering a lively, quick-witted, chatty, high-energy month!)

June 2nd – Venus conjunct Uranus. (Excellent time for creative, out of the box thinking. Improvise. Reinvent. Do the unexpected.)

June 4th – March moves into Cancer. (Gestate, rest, and give yourself lots of TLC. Take a breather in the midst of a very busy month.)

June 5th – Venus moves into Taurus. (A great day for making something beautiful that’s also valuable and profitable. Sell that new painting. Launch a new product.)

June 6th – Mercury moves into Gemini. (We’re kicking off a two-week period that’s excellent for networking and connecting. Print extra business cards, fill your social calendar, mingle and chat!)


“Be a lamp or a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.” —Jalaluddin Rumi

I know a Gemini woman (birthday: June 12th) who’s currently working in Thailand, volunteering on farms, helping to repair houses, traveling lightly, meeting all kinds of new people, and having the time of her life! She’s spreading delight and joy everywhere she goes—and all throughout her journey, unexpected blessings keep tumbling in. A free place to stay. A free meal. A free ride. An unexpected opportunity to study yoga for 30 days at a top-notch training center. And who knows what tomorrow will bring?

That’s the type of “Gemini attitude” we can all try to cultivate this month. We can be lamps, lifeboats, and ladders. We can spread goodwill. We can throw ourselves into the next adventure—whatever it may be—with an open mind and open heart. We can chat with strangers. We can repair houses and build bridges. This is a time to open our arms—not cross them over our chests. And, this is an especially good time to whirl out of the box, challenge ourselves, and approach life and work differently. To quote a very famous Gemini, Angelina Jolie, “If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.”

Whatever you’re working on this month, I’m wishing you great success.

Have a joyous month!


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