I’m Ellen Fondiler. I believe that you were born to do energizing, meaningful work. Anything less is a waste of your time — and your talents.

As a Career and Business Strategist, I can help you land your next job, build and grow your business, and get big projects in motion.

Over the course of my own career, I have launched four successful businesses, produced award-winning films, and raised millions for non-profit efforts.

I can tell you, from personal experience:

With the right attitude — and the right strategy? You can do anything.

Let’s get you into a career that excites you.

I’m right here to help.


  • "There are lots of people who can edit your résumé, clean up your pitch, or help you make a plan for your business. There are very few people who can do all of that... while motivating you, on a deep, emotional level, to pursue your career dreams with everything that you've got. Ellen is one of the "very few."

    Alexandra Franzen, Writer + Entrepreneur
  • "Ellen is resourceful, warm and generous. Everything you could possibly want in a career strategist! If you want clear, grounded steps to guide you into the next chapter of your business or career... talk to her."

    Lara Jealous, Textile Designer
  • "Ellen has a knack for the catalytic. She has a keen sense for knowing what is, seeing what could be, and providing the inspiration and support to get there."

  • "After working closely with Ellen on multiple projects, I can speak from personal experience when I say that she has a razor-sharp focus and is always committed to going the extra mile. Her dedication to excellence is unparalleled. Ellen sets the bar high on everything she signs on to do and no matter what curve balls are thrown her way during a project, she manages to come up with the perfect solution each and every time. Ellen’s grace, career expertise and drive are invaluable assets — she knows how to get you to where you need to go — quickly."

  • "If you want to find work that matters, Ellen is your guide. She is a deep listener who can hear the things you're not saying, turn confusion into clarity, and then hand you a plan to make your vision GROW."