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This true story will motivate you to close your laptop, get off the couch and REALLY go after the career of your dreams.


I know a talented young chef named Brandon with a big dream:

To open up his first business: a dessert spot specializing in gourmet ice cream, coffee, and hot donuts fresh from the fryer. (Yum.)

He’s got everything in place. The menu items have been thoroughly tested. The website is up and running. The budget numbers have been crunched. He’s even got an investor who’s eager to fund the project and proceed.

There’s just one thing standing between this chef and his dream:

The right piece of real estate!

For close to nine months, Brandon has been searching, searching, searching and… searching.

He has prowled real estate websites, daily, hunting for new listings in his city.

He has emailed every commercial real estate agent in town, inquiring about properties.

So many websites. So many emails. And yet? The right venue still hasn’t shown up.

There’s been something “off” with each potential spot — not the right price, not the right size, no ventilation system, wrong zoning, too close to a competitor’s shop, and so on.

Brandon was beginning to feel deflated. (“Will I ever find a place to open my damn ice cream shop?”).

Then, on the night before his 33rd birthday, Brandon popped over to a bustling local sandwich place (the kind that always has a line out the door) to grab some dinner.

Walking across the patio, he noticed a cute little “food shack” right by the sandwich spot. Cute blue paint with white trim. Little window out front. Just the right size for a tiny ice cream and donut cart. And… it seemed vacant.

Brandon noticed a man grabbing something out of the back of the shack.

“I bet he’s the owner,” he thought to himself.

Acting on instinct, Brandon marched over and said, “Is this your cart?”

The man seemed surprised, caught off guard. He said, yes, it was.

“I’m looking to open an ice cream and donut business. Would you rent out this cart to me?”

The cart man seemed dubious. He explained that he was considering other options for the cart, already, and rattled off a few of his potential plans.

Brandon decided, in that moment, that he wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer.

He said, confidently, “A dessert cart would add huge value to this lot. Customers from your sandwich place could stop here afterwards for sweets, and they’d love that. Plus the coffee and donuts that I make would bring ‘morning traffic’ to your restaurant, too. It’s a win-win. You should rent this space to me. What do you need in order for this to be worth your while?”

The cart man smiled — recognizing a fellow entrepreneur, standing right in front of him — and handed Brandon his card. “Email me a proposal,” he said.

And Brandon did. That very same night.


I got this awesome update from Brandon’s girlfriend, a friend and colleague of mine, and I knew right away: I have to share this story on my blog!


Because it reinforces a powerful lesson:

If you’re waiting for a “miracle” to happen in your life — like having the perfect job, the perfect mentor, or the perfect spot for your first business just land in your lap — you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time.

Miracles don’t just “happen.” You have to chase them, demand them, create them!

If you’re trying to create a miracle by just “searching online” or “emailing people,” that’s a great start, but often, that’s not enough.

At a certain point, you need to close your computer, get outside, take a class, attend an event, connect face to face with people who might be able to help you, and in some cases, march right up to someone, introduce yourself, and make an offer on the spot!

So many people are very timid and uneasy when it comes to just “getting out there” — but when you find the confidence to do this (just like Brandon), that’s when the real breakthroughs occur.

What could you do, this week, to boldly put yourself out there?

Who could you invite out for a meal?

What kinds of meet-ups or parties could you attend?

What might happen if you got out of the house and started marching up and down the street, following your instincts, keeping your eyes wide open for career opportunities that will never, ever be “posted online”?

Do it.

Be bold.

You can find amazing, meaningful work, no doubt about it — but it’s unlikely to happen if you’re approaching things “passively” or hiding shyly behind a computer screen.

Clicking, emailing, and perusing online job boards will only get you so far.

Bold, decisive action is what will unlock the door to the life and career you’ve always wanted.



PS. If reading this story stirred up emotions in you — and made you think, “YES! Bold action! Totally! That’s what I need to do… except, uh, I’m kind of nervous and overwhelmed about all of this” — then THIS is your next move.

It’s a program called MIRACLE WORKER that I co-created with my friend Gala, and it’s all about finding the grit, nerve, and motivation to make your dream career a reality.

Past students are launching businesses, lining up freelance clients, marching up to their dream mentors and employers, going after big promotions and pay increases, and more. The community spirit in this program is electric — and the results keep rolling in.

Enrollment for the next session of MIRACLE WORKER is open as of… TODAY!

Click here to learn all about the program, find out what kinds of lessons and bonus treats you receive, read student reviews, and get yourself signed up for the next sesh, which starts in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to watch you step into your power and start making things happen! See you inside…

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Tell Us About Your Worst Job Ever and Win A Miracle Worker Scholarship!


Gala and I created Miracle Worker because we believe life is too short to do work you don’t love. This is not merely some feel-good platitude — it’s something we’ve both experienced in our own lives. Between the two of us, we’ve started seven businesses, hired and collaborated with dozens of people, and raised — and reached — millions. Believe us when we say that doing work that fulfills you is one of the fastest ways to live the life of your dreams.

The class has been selling like hotcakes and the excitement in our private Facebook group is palpable! It’s always such a delight to receive a positive response to any project, and this is no exception.

Now we want to reward you for your enthusiasm! We’re offering five Miracle Worker scholarships to five lucky people, and entering is easy!

To enter, be sure to like our Facebook page and then comment on this post telling us about your worst job ever! We’ll be awarding bonus points for hilariously cringeworthy anecdotes, photographic evidence of hideous uniforms, and teeth-gnashing details.

We’ll be choosing our “best of the worst” on Sunday night (the 26th of April), so if you’d like to be part of our Miracle Worker class, don’t dilly-dally! (And feel free to pass this post onto a friend who is stuck in a dead-end job and could use some help!)

There’s only two weeks left before registration closes for good, and then class opens on May 4th. I’m chomping at the bit to get cracking, and I’d love to see you work your miracles.

Find great work. Do great work. Unlock every door in your way.


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Miracle Worker: Grit, Nerve, Courage, And What It Takes To Create A Magical Career

Ellen Fondiler | Miracle Worker

You want to launch a business, but it’s so risky and hard.

You want to ask for a promotion or a raise, but you’re not sure you’re worth it.

You want to shift into a different career, but there are so many steps to get from here to there.

You want. You wish. You dream. You ache… for a career that’s exciting and that allows you to earn the amount of money you truly want. If only. Now that would be a miracle.

If that’s your situation, I want to give you a loving reminder:

It is your attitude — not your upbringing, your degree or the points on your résumé — that will ultimately determine your happiness and success.

If you believe that you can create a meaningful career — you will.

If you believe that you cannot create a meaningful career — you won’t!

If you want a magical career… if you want to unlock doors and magnetize amazing opportunities… if you want to look at your bank account balance with pride and satisfaction… if you want to make a difference in other people’s lives…

Everything starts with your attitude. Your mindset. What you believe you can do.

So… how’s your mental wiring these days? How’s your confidence? Are you taking action to create the career that you want, courageously and consistently? Or feeling frustrated by your lack of progress?

I can tell you, from personal experience, everything is easier when you’ve got expert guidance and a community of people cheering you along.

That’s why I’m so proud to introduce MIRACLE WORKER: a course on grit, nerve, courage, and what it takes to make a magical career.

It’s a collaborative effort I’ve cooked up with an extraordinary woman – Gala Darling. I met her last fall in New York while attending her amazing workshop – The Blogcademy.

We hit it off instantly and quickly began talking about one of our favorite mutual topics: how to help women find meaningful work.

For those of you that don’t know Gala – she is an inspiration. She started a six-figure business on a laptop in her bedroom and is the creator of the Radical Self Love Method, a powerful technique which helps women transform their lives. Her site,, helps over 1,000,000 women a month find their voice, live without fear, and fall in love with life.

She is also the co-founder of the incredible The Blogcademy — a two day workshop — offered both live and online – that has helped countless women learn the ins and outs of having a blogging career.

I knew- on the spot – that she was a person I wanted to work with!

Over the course of many phone calls, visits back and forth, and late nights spent strategizing, we created Miracle Worker!

Miracle Worker is an 8 week e-course designed to help you figure out what you really want to do… And then show you exactly how to get there. It’s a combination of seriously useful and groundbreaking workbooks, weekly action steps, and a series of super- inspiring audio interviews with some of our favourite entrepreneurs and mentors (people like Danielle LaPorte, James Altucher, Paul Jarvis and the Astrotwins).

There’s also a thriving (and secret) Facebook group, live Q&As with Gala and me, mini mixtapes to keep you motivated, and plenty of bonus surprises to thrill you!

Miracle Worker is open for enrollment now – and until April 13th, we have a special pre-sale price! Class begins on May 4th, and we’re only running it once!

Click through to learn more!

Ellen Fondiler | Miracle Worker

Here’s what I know:

Life is too precious and short to waste in a career you don’t like.

If you’ve been fantasizing about taking your work in a different direction, it’s time to make up your mind and start making things happen.

I can’t wait to watch you step into your power. It’s time to make miracles.

To your success and nothing less,


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