Hello, I’m Ellen.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur who has worked as a death penalty attorney, a baker, a documentary filmmaker, an award-winning landscape designer, a nonprofit director and fundraiser who raised millions to bring an educational project and eco-sanctuary to my community.

Today? I’m a Career and Business Strategist for people who want to find energizing, meaningful work — and make a difference in our world. People like you.


I believe that having lots of passions is a wonderful thing — as long as you know how to focus and do the tough, gritty work that’s necessary to turn your big ideas into a reality, one tiny step at a time.

I help my clients land great jobs, launch cool businesses and do amazing things — not just dream (or talk) about them.

I offer several services to help you make your big ideas + career ambitions a reality — including editing to help you find the most powerful words for your résumé, cover letter, manifesto, pitch, presentation or book project, quick one-hour brain dates, and deep- dive business consulting. (You can learn all about how to work with me, here.)

I also run a blog — UNLOCKED — and an advice column — Ask Ellen — where I share my best advice on how to create the career that you want.

You can reach out to me anytime at elfondiler@gmail.com.

Wherever you are? Do great work, today.


Here are a few more facts + stories about me:

• Puttering around in my garden is my idea of heaven. Give me a rake, a few seeds and a nice patch of dirt, and I’ll be happily occupied for hours.

• I love working from bed, on my laptop, while the rain pours down outside.

• I have two beautiful sons, both in their 20s, both doing amazing work in the world. (I’m a very proud mama.)

• I love thoughtful gifts — both giving and receiving. If you really want to knock my socks off, send me a stack of DVDs (I’m a total movie addict. Oscars night is my Christmas morning.)

• I once convinced the hottest band in the country to come and play at my senior prom. How? I picked up the phone and called. And I wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

• Another time, I persuaded the most sought-after chef in the country to come and speak at my fundraising event. How? I picked up the phone and called. And then emailed. And then emailed again. And then sent a handwritten card. And a gift. And (once again!) I wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. (Unlocking impossible doors is one of my superpowers.)

• I have run four successful businesses. My first business? A bakery. I’d never baked more than a batch of cookies before, but I simply felt called to do it. (People are still talking about my apple pie that won 3 blue ribbons at the County Fair).

• I was an “unofficial” career mentor for hundreds of people before I decided to make it “official.” I never, ever get tired of helping people create amazing careers.

If you’re hunting for a meaningful job — or aching to start your own business — check out how we can work together. I can’t wait to support you!


  • "Ellen is bold and courageous. She is not limited by challenges or road blocks, and when you work with her, you won’t be either! She is living proof that any door can be unlocked... when you’ve got the right attitude + strategy."

    Tori Salvatore, Marketer and Visual Storytelling Strategist, Perkins+Will
  • Ellen helped me discover what I’m truly passionate about, which has sparked my drive in a way nothing else could. She’s one of those people who sees your potential... before you do.

    Emily Hopkins, Team Lead at Randstad, Google
  • "I met Ellen during a season of immense change in my life and I have appreciated her wisdom more than words can express. After working with her I feel focused, centered and refreshed."

    Traci Michael, Social Media Coordinator, The Honest Company
  • "Ellen is my mom, and she is amazing. You might think I'm biased, but I'm just stating the facts. I have watched her help me, my brother, our friends, of course, her own clients. After talking to Ellen, you feel like you can do anything!"

    Willie Franklin, Product Designer, Facebook