Your Career Forecast: March / April 2017


I work as a career and business strategist. But my secret passion is… astrology!

About once a month,  I post an overview of what’s happening in the cosmos and how it might influence your career. It’s called: Your Career Forecast.

Whether you’re job-hunting, running your own business, or wondering about the ideal time to ask for a raise or take a vacation, each Career Forecast will reveal the important dates and cosmic shifts that you need to know about.

I am joined by my dear friend, Heidi Rose Robbins, a master astrologer who will provide expert insight into what’s going on in the stars.

Let’s dive in!


What’s going on this month…

HEIDI: The Sun moves into Aries on March 20th, 2017. This is the astrological New Year. Aries launches spring and all things new. It inaugurates, initiates and dives in. It does not pause. It acts. With Aries, we slough off any sense of hopelessness and get to work. Use Aries to overcome procrastination. There is no better sign to bust through lethargy.

Mercury is a very important sign for Aries. Both Aries and Mercury are connected with brilliant ideas. On March 26th, Mercury will line up directly with Uranus—the planet of innovation, excitement and change. This is brainstorming and brilliant idea time extraordinaire. Go to your favorite coffee shop, open up a blank book and start scribbling. Or convene a group of allies and see what you can create together.

On March 29th, stabilize those ideas! Mercury is in harmony with Saturn. Saturn makes things happen. It organizes, stabilizes and commits. So, under this transit, we can commit to our new ideas. We can have serious conversations and speak with authority. Talk to your boss. Talk to yourself as your own boss. Commit to just one of your new brilliant ideas and take the first action step.

On March 31st, Mercury moves into Taurus. It’s been working at full capacity in Aries and now slows down to be a bit more methodical. Use Mercury in Taurus to sit still and review what has been created. If there’s a big project and you need to get into the flow, start slowly. Read slowly. Write slowly. Absorb what needs to be absorbed. Take the time to digest the material you need to digest. This is also a good time for eloquence—for communicating with beauty instead of just speed.

Venus moves into Pisces on April 3rd. This entrance also heralds a quieter time. Venus wants to spend lots of time dreaming when in Pisces. She want to put on music, take a bath, listen to a book on tape or watch a movie. She wants to consider ways in which she can turn her compassion into action, because she wants her love to make a difference in the world. This is a wonderful artistic combination. Problem solve through your deepest artistry. Dream your way into answers.

Mercury goes retrograde on April 9th. It will stay retrograde until May 3rd. You know the drill. Generally, it’s best not to launch into any huge new endeavor. Technical issues can abound and travel has a way of supplying interesting, unexpected turns and delays. But it’s a powerful time for reflection and retreat. It’s a time to review. If we could all just go off on a silent meditation retreat for Mercury retrograde, we’d probably come back ready to save the world. In lieu of that, find your own way to create a little more silence and reflection in your days.

Finally, expect the unexpected on April 14th when the Sun shares the exact same zodiacal degree as Uranus in the heavens. This is a day of change, electricity, upheaval or revelation. It shakes things up and wakes things up. It may very well wake us up. Try something out of your usual routine. Experiment. Push beyond your own edges. Stir up your day with something good.

Enjoy the month of Aries. It’s a feisty, potent month!

What does all of this mean for your career?

Let’s look closer…


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: As Heidi mentioned, March 20th, 2017 is the astrological New Year. A fresh start! If you’re job hunting, this is an excellent moment to decide what you really want out of your next position. Make a list of 5 qualities that you’re looking for. Do you want a flexible schedule? Would you like to develop a particular skill? Is there a particular salary you’re aiming for? Write down your “fantasy job description.” Set a clear intention for what you want.

Say to yourself, “There are tons of amazing companies out there. I know I can find a job that excites me.” Try not to sink into lethargy and pessimism. Ride the hopeful energy that’s percolating on March 20th. Optimism rules on this day!

If you’re feeling anxious about your job hunt, or feeling stuck and unsure about what type of job would make you happy, don’t isolate yourself. Staying home and flicking through your Facebook feed probably won’t help you get clarity. Instead of being alone, reach out and connect. Invite some friends out for a meal and have a career brainstorming session. March 26th would be an especially good day for this type of get-together—it’s a day that’s filled with innovative, exciting, let’s-figure-it-out energy. Plus, this year, March 26th happens to be a Sunday. Brunch, anyone?


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: As Heidi mentioned, Venus moves into Pisces on April 3rd, which happens to fall on a Monday this year. This is a dreamy, quiet, reflective type of day. You may find yourself wanting to snuggle in bed way past your usual wake-up time. You might feel inspired to “play hooky” and spend some quality time with someone you love.

If you can take this Monday off work—and give yourself a nice, long, 3-day weekend—go for it. If that’s not possible, try to step away from your typical workday grind. Visit a bookstore on your lunch break and let yourself wander. Listen to an inspiring podcast on your commute. Head out to see a concert in the evening. Fill up your inspiration tank, and don’t push yourself too hard. This is not the day to “buckle down,” “grind away,” and “make things happen.” As Heidi puts it, this is a day when you’ll “dream your way into answers.”

Mark your calendar for April 14th, too. This day is all about change and upheaval. Your boss might make a surprising announcement. A friend or co-worker could make a surprising proposition. It’s also a great day to try new things and shake things up. Instead of doing your weekly meeting in the conference room, take your team out to a bowling alley, or a martial arts class, or to the park for an afternoon picnic. Shake up the stagnant energy, get people moving, and new ideas will start flowing, too.


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: Got some big goals right now? (I know you do!) Good news: the stars are aligning to bring tons of motivation and determination. On March 29th, when Mercury harmonizes with Saturn, you’ll feel an urge to organize, organize, organize. Divide big tasks into small steps. Make all those phone calls you’ve been putting off. Boss yourself around!

March 29th is also a terrific day to ask yourself, “What would help me to feel more powerful and authoritative?” Hiring a stylist to help upgrade your wardrobe? Working with a vocal coach to help you develop a rich, resonant speaking voice? Whatever you need in order to feel “like a boss,” go for it.

On March 31st, when Mercury moves into Taurus, stay in boss-mode and keep working persistently on your goals. Taurus is represented by the Bull—slow and steady, strong, plowing forward. Avoid getting distracted by “shiny objects.” This is not the time to spontaneously throw yourself into a new project, or change your entire website on a whim. Stay focused on the important goals you’ve already set, and see things through to the end. Finish what you’ve started. You’ll feel so proud of yourself for being tenacious and getting things done!


March 20th – Sun into Aries. (The astrological New Year. A fresh start!)

March 26th – Mercury conjunct Uranus. (Innovation, excitement, and change. A great day for collaboration and brainstorming.)

March 29th – Mercury trine Saturn. (Act like a boss. Get organized and re-commit to your goals.)

March 31st – Mercury into Taurus. (Stay focused on your goals. Make slow, steady, methodical progress.)

April 3rd – Venus into Pisces. (A dreamy, quiet, reflective day. Chill out and let your mind wander.)

April 9th – Mercury goes retrograde. (Try to avoid starting a big new project, if possible. Instead, hunker down and tie up loose ends. Back-up your computer. Organize your workspace. Focus on finishing and tidying, not launching.)

April 14th – Sun conjunct Uranus. (Excitement, upheaval, and surprises! Expect the unexpected today, and shake things up. Experimentation will be rewarded.)


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” —Lao Tzu

In my work as a career coach, I spend a lot of time working with people who feel stuck and overwhelmed. People typically hire me when their career goals feel “too big.” The journey ahead feels “too long.” Too many steps to take. Too many hurdles to get over. They wonder, “Can I really do this? Will I ever get where I want to be? It feels like it’s never going to happen. I don’t know if I have what it takes.”

I always encourage my clients to stop worrying about “how long” it’s going to take. Instead, focus on the one step you can take today. Make one phone call. Send one email. Schedule one meeting. Research one grad school program. Take one step today, and another step tomorrow, and keep going. One month from now, you’ll be thirty steps closer to achieving your goal.

Ride the energy of Aries—new beginnings, fresh starts, innovation, optimism, and passion—and keep moving in the direction you want to go. Make a pact with yourself. Decide to keep marching forward, no matter what.

Until next time…


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