Your Career Forecast: December 2017 / January 2018

Ellen Fondiler | Your Career Forecast: December 2017 / January 2018

I work as a career and business strategist. But my secret passion is… astrology!

About once a month,  I post an overview of what’s happening in the cosmos and how it might influence your career. It’s called: Your Career Forecast.

Whether you’re job-hunting, running your own business, or wondering about the ideal time to ask for a raise or take a vacation, each Career Forecast will reveal the important dates and cosmic shifts that you need to know about.

I am joined by my dear friend, Heidi Rose Robbins, a master astrologer who will provide expert insight into what’s going on in the stars.

Let’s dive in!


What’s going on this month…

HEIDI: The Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21st at 8:29 am Pacific time. Capricorn is an earth sign and carries great weight and responsibility. Under Capricorn we get down to work. We climb. We articulate our purpose and we move resolutely towards the next achievement. Saturn rules Capricorn and Saturn is the planet of discipline, authority and accomplishment. There’s work to be done under Capricorn.

The very next day, December 22nd, Mercury moves direct. This will indicate that communication now moves forward in a clear and direct manner. The reflection period is over and we can act. If your thinking has been a big foggy, Mercury direct will help to clear that fog.

On December 24th, Venus moves to join the Sun in Capricorn. This makes the climb more pleasurable. Venus in Capricorn loves work. It loves hard work. It loves commitment and creating a structure to hold what wants to be created. Venus in Capricorn is committed creativity.

Look for the power to change and shake things up when Mars is conjunct Uranus on December 27th. It’s a shot in the arm and the opportunity to break up old patterns.

January 1st is the Full Moon of Capricorn. What an auspicious day! Welcome the New Year with clarity and purpose. Make plans. Feel your uprightness. Know how capable you are. Feel how you can be your OWN wise parent and take great care of yourself this year.

January 9th brings a profound window for depth and healing. Venus and the Sun line up with Pluto. Pluto rules wealth and power. There is the possibility of shedding anything that obstructs your ability to stand fully in your power and attract the resources you need.

Mercury joins Venus, the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn on January 10th. Now anything is possible. Hard work is the name of the game. We buckle down. We think seriously. We concentrate.  The New Moon on the 16th further adds to the power of this line-up in the heavens. It’s a time to align with purpose. Capricorn in fact rules TIME. So, with this much focus on Capricorn, we feel that the TIME IS NOW.

Venus moves into Aquarius on January 17th giving a little more freedom and flexibility. If Capricorn is a bit more solo, Aquarius loves to be in the group. You might need to share your vision to accomplish it. Bring in your like-minded, like-hearted peers.

All in all, it’s a month of determination and clarity. It’s a great way to start the year. What’s your PLAN? Make one—even if it’s just for today or this week. Then make another. Capricorn says PLAN and EXECUTE that plan. Capricorn says it will feel like such a relief if you finally do what you’ve been wanting to do. So, let’s all finally do it!

What does all of this mean for your career? Let’s look closer…


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: The time of Capricorn (December 21st – January 19th) is excellent for anyone who’s job hunting.

Firstly, Capricorn brings a determined, forceful, climb-up-that-mountain type of energy—you’re likely to feel driven and motivated, not lackadaisical.

Secondly, January is a peak month for recruitment and hiring. Most companies have a new annual budget in place, and new positions that need to be filled, and interviews and hiring meetings go into full swing. It’s a great month to amp up your job search.

On December 24th, Venus joins the Sun in Capricorn. This is a beautiful combination of warm, loving feelings (thanks to Venus) plus a disciplined work ethic (courtesy of Capricorn). The vibe is: work hard, but make it fun!

If you’re updating your résumé, light a candle and treat yourself to some hot cocoa. If you’re putting together a proposal to request a salary increase, work on it while listening to your favorite holiday music. When you’re done, reward yourself with a sappy romantic movie. It’s the last week of the year, after all… so if you intend to do some work, try to make it as pleasurable as possible!

On January 10th, Mercury joins Venus, the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn. With this celestial combination, hard work will be hugely rewarded. It’s time to buckle down, focus, and use your time wisely. This is not the moment to spend your day idly watching videos on YouTube. It’s time to get focused and take actions that can yield big results.

For job hunters: instead of casually surfing the ‘net looking for new job postings, use your time more intentionally. Make a list of 10 people that you like and admire—colleagues, mentors, classmates, friends and family—and send a personal note to each person. Wish them a happy New Year. Ask how they’re doing. Then let them know you’re searching for a new position. Describe your dream job and ask them to keep their ears open for you.

More often than not, it’s the people in your network—genuine friendships and relationships—that lead to a great new job. So, throughout January, spend less time Googling and more time strengthening the relationships in your life. You never know where one text, “thank you” card, or coffee date might lead. You might find yourself with a fantastic job offer much faster than expected!


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: On December 22nd, Mercury moves direct. If your thinking has been a big foggy lately, this shift will help to clear the brain-fog. This would be an excellent time to meditate, take a long walk, or meet a friend for tea and talk about your vision for 2018. If you intend to stay at your current workplace for a while, that’s great—and how could things be even better in the New Year?

For starters, make a list of 3 things you’d love to achieve or experience at work in 2018—plus 3 skills you’d like to improve. Extra credit: write down 3 things you’d love to stop doing at your current job—projects that don’t feel mission-critical, tasks that feel irrelevant or outdated, stuff you could probably delegate. See if you can work with your manager to get these cleared off your plate. Ahhhh! Relief! It’s always great to move into the New Year feeling lighter and clearer, and feeling excited about what’s ahead.

Mars is conjunct Uranus on December 27th. Uranus is all about surprises and unexpected opportunities. You might receive a surprising proposition around this date. Maybe an old boss from a previous chapter of your career will come knocking on your door with a tempting offer, eager to woo you away from your current employer. Maybe a brand new position will open up at your current company, and you’ll realize, “This is my next move!” Keep your eyes and ears open. Who knows what’s coming your way? With Mars in the air, you might feel unusually bold and aggressive. When that surprise offer arrives, you can pounce with courage!

December 27th is also a great time to dust things off and bring in some fresh new energy—new policies, new habits, maybe a fun new workplace outfit—or a whole new wardrobe? Whatever’s been feeling “stale” in your life or career, now’s the moment to shake things up!


Here’s what you need to know…

ELLEN: January 9th is a powerful day for entrepreneurs. Venus and the Sun line up with Pluto. Venus is all about love. Pluto rules wealth and power, and also, the subconscious mind. On this day, the cosmos invites you to shed anything that is obstructing your power—anything that’s impeding you from attracting the clients, customers, and resources that you need. Shed it off. Let it go. Burn it up.

This is a transformative day—an excellent day to shed pessimism, negativity, and fear. A day to ask yourself, “Is there a belief that’s been limiting my success?”

For example, maybe you believe, “My services are worth $80 an hour and that’s it, nothing more.” But is that actually true? Maybe not!

Or, maybe you believe, “Nobody would ever want to read my book.” “Nobody will come to my event.” “I couldn’t possibly teach a class—I’m not qualified.” Are those beliefs actually true? Maybe not. You might be underestimating yourself.

Venus moves into Aquarius on January 17th, bringing an opportunity for loving, flowing creative collaborations. It’s a great to interview someone for your blog, collaborate with a colleague to start a podcast, or bring a new person onto your team. This would also be a great day to start a new writing group or accountability group—perhaps a couple of friends who’d like to meet monthly to share goals and swap ideas. Hang with like-minded people. They’ll open your eyes to new possibilities—and you’ll do the same for them!

But before the 17th, we’ve got… January 1st. It’s always an exciting day of the year, but January 1st, 2018 is especially powerful because we’ve got the Full Moon of Capricorn.

On this day, all the energies of Capricorn—determination, hard work, discipline, and clear-minded planning—are magnified. You may notice yourself feeling especially focused and clear, thinking to yourself: “I know what I want, and I’m ready to make a serious commitment and put in the work.” Regardless of your current job or business situation, this is a TERRIFIC way to start the New Year!


• Buckling down and putting in serious work to reach your goals—and also, using your time wisely and efficiently.

• Burning away old beliefs and patterns, and shaking things up in a big way.

• Clear, focused planning and even better, IMPLEMENTING your plan!

• Dreamy, joyful collaborations with colleagues.

• Unexpected invitations and opportunities.


December 21st – Sun moves into Capricorn. (A month of focused, disciplined effort begins today!)

December 22nd – Mercury moves direct. (Brain fog is lifted. Clarity returns. Communication becomes easier.)

December 24th – Venus moves into Capricorn. (Work hard and play hard, too. A great day to complete a project in a loving, fun, pleasurable way.)

December 27th – Mars conjunct Uranus. (There’s a warrior-like energy in the air, combined with surprises and unexpected invitations. Anything could happen!)

January 1st – Full Moon of Capricorn. (Capricorn’s qualities—determination, effort, making the long climb upward—are intensified on this day.)

January 9th – Venus conjunct Pluto, Sun conjunct Pluto. (Shed whatever is weighing you down in your career or personal life.)

January 10th – Mercury moves into Capricorn. (Time to act! Communicate. Launch. Activate. It’s time to buckle down and kick the New Year into full gear.)

January 16th – New Moon in Capricorn. (Set intentions. Plant new seeds. A great day to begin a new project or start a new adventure.)

January 17th – Venus moves into Aquarius. (Hang with like-minded people. Collaborate. Grow stronger, together.)


“Far away therein the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” —Louisa May Alcott

We set all kinds of goals in life. Sometimes we achieve them. Sometimes we do not. Sometimes we come very close, and yet don’t quite reach the pinnacle of the mountain. And yet, making the effort is still worth it. Every step is worth it.

Millions watched as Hillary Clinton set her sights on the highest position in the world—President of the United States. She had a big mountain to climb to receive a nomination from the Democratic party. It took decades of service and hard work before she earned the nomination, and many grueling months and millions of dollars on the campaign trail. And even though she’s not sitting in the White House today, her fierce determination made a lasting impression of millions of women and girls.

Because of the example that she set, more women than ever before are running for office, running their own businesses, and reaching higher than they ever dared before.

Even though Hillary didn’t reach the top of the mountain, her upward climb—her courage, her focus, and disciplined effort—has changed the world.

To me, this is the greatest lesson of Capricorn. It’s not just about the goals you achieve, or the position you attain, or the impressive job title on your business card, or your flashy website. It’s all about your tenacity along the journey—the example you set for others, and the sense of pride you feel in your efforts.

Keep climbing up your own personal mountain, whatever it may be. Do your best. Stay the course. Make yourself proud. No matter what happens in the end, you will know, “I made my absolute best effort. I held nothing back.”

Happy New Year!

Have an amazing month!

With love,

Ellen & Heidi

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