Interview Series

Whenever I meet someone who’s got a really cool job, who runs a thriving business, or who has completed an amazing project, I always want to know: “How did you do that?”

I’m always curious to hear the “behind-the-scenes story”—who they emailed, what they said, how they got their first client, how they got their foot in the door—the exact steps that they took to achieve their goal. Not the polished, neat and tidy version of the story, but the REAL story.

If you love hearing those kinds of stories, too, then you’ll love my new interview series: HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

In this series, you’ll hear 50 “How I really did it…” stories from all types of people: like a guy who started a dog training business, a doughnut shop owner who started a “pay it forward” revolution in his community, a man who does hazardous weather research, as well as people that make their living as poets, ghostwriters, yoga teachers, photographers and flag designers.

I hope you’ll read these interviews and think to yourself, “If they can do something like that, then why not me, too?”

The Interviews

There will be 50 interviews in total. Who should be next? Email me and nominate
someone with a fascinating job, business or project. I’d love to hear their story!