How to Stay Balanced and Happy

The Unlocked Academy

Workbook 11

You can have the most successful business in the world, or the most impressive and illustrious career in history, but if you’re not healthy and happy… what have you really got?

Not much.

Happiness doesn’t just “happen,” though. Tending to your emotional health is just like taking care of your physical health. It requires daily effort and attention.

This workbook includes 10 simple rituals and practices that you can do, every day, to upgrade your mood, release stress, re-connect with friends, and get your mind into a focused, generous, productive state.

Your happiness level and your career are intrinsically connected. When you are happy, that means you are bringing the best version of “you” to your work, and to everything you do.

Get this workbook and put some healthy new habits into place.

It’s your life. Let it feel good.

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44 pages. Digital. PDF.