How to Find a Great Job – Faster

The Unlocked Academy

Workbook 7

You’re ready to get to work.

You’ve got skills, ideas and energy to offer.

You’ve got your résumé ready to go. You’ve drafted a cover letter. You’re prepared to tackle those job interview questions.

Just one problem:

Where are all the great jobs hiding?!

In this workbook, you will discover the top 10 best places to search for jobs — both online and offline.

You’ll also learn how to get hired for a job that doesn’t even exist yet — by making a can’t-refuse proposition to the company of your dreams.

Plus: a three-part day planner to help you stay motivated throughout your job search and help you enhance your professional reputation with tiny actions, every day.

Ready? Let’s get you to work!

33 pages. Digital. PDF.

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