How write a cover letter

The Unlocked Academy

Workbook 4

Job hunting? Struggling to write an enticing cover letter?

Feel like everything you put onto paper is just so… blah?

This workbook contains 4 tips on how to write an intriguing and impressive cover letter — a letter that doesn’t just “state the facts,” but that actually tells a story about your life and career.

(It’s been proven by countless studies: stories, not facts, are what humans are wired to remember. Tell a compelling story and you’ll instantly dial up your chances of getting called in for an interview.)

Best of all? No guesswork. After reading through the 4 tips, you get a simple cover letter template that you can start filling out right away. (Major time saver!)

Your dream job is waiting. But you’ve got to craft a cover letter to open the door, first.

Get this workbook and get going!

23 pages. Digital. PDF.

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