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The Unlocked Academy

Get All the Workbooks

You want it all? You got it.

Get all twelve workbooks in the Unlocked Academy series for $100. That’s $65 less than you’d pay if you bought each workbook separately.

Whether you are trying to figure out what your real talents are, hunting for a new job, revving up to launch a new business, or searching for a way to make your current career feel more meaningful and exciting, these workbooks will help you make progress faster — and save you from countless hours of bang-your-head-against-the-computer- screen frustration.

Inside this collection of workbooks, you will find:

Insights from hiring managers and mentors. Fill in the blank writing templates for résumés and cover letters. Hidden places to find jobs. Ways to get funding for your business. Scripts for tricky phone calls. Sample responses to interview questions. Inspiration to make networking and self-promotion feel graceful, not sleazy. Motivation to propel you forward into the life and career that you want.

There’s nothing more satisfying that having a career that excites you and makes you feel grateful to be alive. I want you to have exactly that… and the sooner you get started on your journey, the sooner you can savor the rewards of your courage and hard work!

Get the collection and unlock the career that you want.


Get all 12 workbooks: $100

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